Tiles Design For Bathroom 15 simply chic bathroom
Tiles Design For Bathroom 15 simply chic bathroom

Restroom design

Rest Room Designs: Cleanliness with Beauty

The rest rooms are often considered as important corners of your buildings. Several estate owners use huge budget to make the rest rooms more decorative and beautiful so that it puts an impressive impression on the users. However, the rest rooms can be combined for several users at the same time and it can be single use as well.

When it come to rest room for several users like in case of hotel, marriage halls, offices, meeting halls, transportation stops or any other public place, it should contain all such facilities which are required to fulfill demands of the users. These facilities includes many side by side wash basins, single or separate wall mirror for users, installation of commodes in such manner that it does not hurt feelings of any user or irritate the other users.

The shelves can be made so that all the facilities like soap, towel and others are available for all users at the same time and they have no need to wait for or interrupt in the bathroom use of other users. It is generally seen that due to lack of facilities many users have to wait for the other users to finish their task and they have to wait for their turn. It is much embarrassing moment. Good owners put these things in their considerations and never let any user facing such difficulties.

The use of tiles on the flooring that puts beautiful contrast with the wall paint is much awesome and going to increase value for the corporations and owners. You can use separate light system for each bath cabin so that make you know easily which one is busy and which cabin is vacant. Ideally, the spacey rest rooms should contain minimum two wash basins and two bath cabins but in case spacey rest rooms, the minimum quantity of wash basins should be five and atleast two commodes with two bath cabins. However, it depends on the nature of the buildings and its users.

The rest rooms are also important place of your buildings and they also require your attention. It depicts the living standards of the owners and their attention towards the services. The good rest rooms are also considered best source to bring more users due to their beauty and cleanliness. Interior also counts a lot.

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