Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 30 modern bathroom design
Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 30 modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom design ideas to try out

The modern home décor theme is one that is largely based on geometric patterns and lines, minimal colors, mid – century furniture, and clean lines. The look achieved should be minimalist and clean. bathroom designs can suit almost any size of bathroom, though smaller bathrooms will achieve more with use of this design. Some design ideas are shared in this article.


Since modern bathroom design is all about minimalism and cleanliness, removing clutter from the bathroom should you your first step in achieving this. Thus, make use of shelves, cabinets and other storage spaces to store away bathroom items that you use every day. If there are items that do not have use in the bathroom, it would be best to throw them away or store them elsewhere. Also in cases of small bathrooms, using a pedestal sink will be best in maximizing space as well as adding visual appeal to the bathroom.

Use Complementary materials

Materials that best suit modern bathroom designs include wood, ceramic, stainless steel as well as glass. You can try using these materials in a complementary way to create different types of atmospheres. Just make sure that the materials can work well with each other.

Use Lighting Wisely

Natural light is one great asset when it comes to modern bathroom design. Thus, make use big windows and glass in your bathroom to allow more light in. Artificial lighting should complement the geometry and lines of your bathroom, thus choose lighting fixtures that work well with these. They should thus ideally come in lampshades having the geometric shapes of square, rectangle or triangle.

Use Colors Wisely

bathroom designs tend to have a bias towards black, white or grey colors. You can use these colors together, though the visual effect may not be that much. You may thus find it useful to add a different neutral color to make things a bit lively. You can also add some patterns or stencils on the walls to spice up the bathroom.

Use Furniture Sparingly

To maximize the availability of space as well as still keep to the modern bathroom design look, use furniture very sparingly. The furniture used should also be modern furniture, with the right angles and shapes to match the bathroom’s modern décor theme.

The modern décor theme is all about minimalist and clean looks. By making use of these tips, you can remodel your bathroom to the modern bathroom design that is currently gaining much popularity amongst many homeowners.

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