Bathroom designs: make it unique through unique ideas


Bath room lovers are no more away to have wonderful and dreamy bath rooms at their own home. Yes, it is because of the latest technologies and advancement in bath room gadgets by the modern engineers. There is continuous research to produce more accurate and unique bath room equipment. With little efforts and creativity you can add huge grace to your existing old looking bath rooms.

Add Multi Color Lights:
The use of multi colored light bulbs is not a bad idea at all. You can use them on the either corner of your bath room. The vanity bottom can be decorated with the LEDs will make it marvelous look and impression on the users. The bright tiles on the floor will glow in the lights of these LEDs. Moreover, the LEDs are so cheap available in the market and they consume so little electricity and are no burden on you. Be relaxed and make the bath room decorated with latest LEDs. The golden bulbs can be on the roof above your bath tub is going to win hearts.

Fall Ceiling Roof:
However, it is also recommended to install the fall ceiling in your bath room. This can be made in so many designs and textures. You can paint them with any paint your like. All the use of paint in traditional manner is going to make it unique. You can visit to your local consultant and ask him / her to show you some decent designs in this regard. Even, you can select from their previous projects and pick an idea.

Add Tiles:
Tiling is important feature in your bath room. They can put glow and grace, if selected perfectly. If walls are having darker paints than tiling should be light in color or at least medium dark colored. Use different tiles for rest of the bath room and the tub OR bath shower corners.

Add Wallpapers:
You can visit nearby market and have unlimited wall papers. Select the best one for your bath room according to other accessories in your bath room. However, you should not compromise on quality. It is matter of your walls. These wall papers are not recommended for the walls of standing showers as they will be destroyed by the water in just few days of installation.

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