30 Inch Bathroom Vanity With Top kelly grayish blue 30-inch
30 Inch Bathroom Vanity With Top kelly grayish blue 30-inch

72 inch bathroom vanity: for the want of space or keeping things tidy

Some like to keep things organized and some just like it big- whichever one you wish for, the 72 INCH BATHROOM VANITY should serve a great purpose in your bathroom. Often equipped with double sink with accompanying faucets, cabinet and maybe an attached mirror, this piece of vanity is made for a home where the space is available; the single sink 72-inch variation is also in the market- your taste decides which one you go for.


  • Larger storage space: If you dislike seeing your toiletries and other stuffs scattered aroud in the bathroom then this vanity should get you covered. All cleaning accessories can go into the cabinet and the bathroom is saved from the mess.
  • Saves your time: In a rush? With you and your partner getting out of bed late and need to rush things up, the 72-inch double sink vanity prevents you from losing more time as you prepare for your outing at the same time without infringing on each other’s space- indeed a couple’s delight!


A bathroom vanity might come with a countertop or without one. The top of the vanity can be of formica, marble, quartz or granite.

Whether you are working with a furniture expert for your specifications or going to the store to pick one up, when choosing a design for your vanity, style should not be neglected. The colour of the countertop and the cabinet should complement your bathroom.

The following are other things to consider when choosing a vanity:

  • Space available in the bathroom
  • Materials used in making the BATHROOM VANITY. If you settled for a wooden vanity, you should try one with a thin film countertop with epoxy coating.
  • Bathroom painting
  • Family size. This might not be necessary for the outrightly megalophilic one.
  • What your purse holds


Maintenance should be an afore-thought and not an afterthought sequence. Since bathroom vanity will frequently come in contact with moisture, it is important to think about durability before making a purchase. Vanities made with countertop from marble, granite and quartz take lesser stress to maintain than those made from wooden tops. However, oakwood makes a good option for a wooden countertop.

Coupled with choosing a good material, you should see to this:

  • Declutter vanity’s top regularly
  • Wipe off water from the countertop as often as you notice it.
  • Polish the vanity from time to time with appropriate material.
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